Andy Warhol in Gristede’s supermarket near 47th street Factory, NYC 1965
“The channels switch, but it’s all television.” —Andy Warhol
Light Green Gnome Print 5x7

Cy Twombly - Untitled (2001)

Cy Twombly’s workspace photographed by David Seidner

GERHARD RICHTER | Uran, 1989 | Silver gelatin print

Making work about the formation of identity and the social issues that concern me is the way that I connect to the process of making my work. I am making in order to express the ideas that interest and concern me. Perhaps this is the reason that my work does not appear to have a high level of cohesiveness. My interest and concerns are disconnected and the trajectory is not linear but a complex and tangled matrix. Bruce Nauman, a contemporary sculptor, creates an interesting parallel between his work and that of the writing of Samuel Beckett that effectively conveys the way I feel about my working methodology.
I knew this guy in California, an anthropologist, who had a hearing problem in one ear, and so his balance was off. Once he helped one of his sons put a roof on the son’s house, but the son got upset because his shingles would be lined up properly, while his father’s were not only laid out in a zigzag, but also the nails were bent and the shingles split. When his son got upset about the mess his father had made, the anthropologist replied: ‘Well, its just evidence of human activity.’ And that is what Beckett’s stories partly deal with - for example, Molloy transfers stones from pocket to pocket…They’re all human activities; no matter how limited, strange, and pointless, they’re worthy of being examined carefully.
Van Brugen, Coosje. Bruce Nauman NY: Rizolli International Publications, 1988
My work is a record of my thoughts, interests, reflections and concerns. Nothing more profound. My process is not linear but the result of a disjointed exploration into memory, critical theory, history, and popular culture. Consistency is not an interest of mine. Inquiry is. If one were to trace those inquiries, my thoughts and interests will begin to emerge and hopefully become apparent.

Gerhard Richter

Artist’s Statement

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Happy 140th Birthday Piet Mondrian !
Lozenge Composition with Red, Gray, Blue, Yellow, and Black - Piet Mondrian